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Yapton CE Primary School


There are lots of types of skating like scooting, skate boarding and rollerblading.

Scooter parts

Grips, bars (handlebars), clamp, headset, deck, fork, wheels, brake, accessories, pegs, helmet and knee pads.  

Go on a scooter and skate board. Try roller blading!

Roller blading

Roller blades are hard to ride when you start but then you get better at it. It is probably harder than the rest. There are 4 wheels with a plastic cover moulded or fixed onto a shoe.

Skate boarding

Skate boarding is much more difficult then scootering. As well skateboarding is pretty popular but not as much as scootering. Skate boarding started in the late 1940s or in the early 1950s.

Read more about skating next week.          

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