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Yapton CE Primary School

                                               Diary of a chicken!


Dear diary,

One day I visited Yapton School! My name is Cluckers, and it is  fun at this school because the year R are in the hall and doing very fun stuff. My chick (Clucky .Jr) is having a lot of fun in the year R’s hall - why he is there you ask? I have no idea. I think what he is doing is doing a report about how much they love chickens. In the meantime I was in was in Year Four. There was this one kid who was really excited to see me because he had an obsession with chickens. He asked me lots of questions like: how many eggs do you lay a year? Are you male or female? What is your favourite food?  I was baffled with the amount of questions he asked me so I simply fell asleep and when I awoke I didn’t know what the last question was so I just said “NO’’ and he got really upset. So I said, “Look, I will write all the things you need to know about chickens.’’

“Really?’’ he answered.

“Yup,’’ I said.

So I wrote down all of this: chickens have no colour blindness so they see all colours, chickens dream like humans do, hens defend their chicks so calling someone a chicken is a compliment (I would not try it though). Last but not least chickens are … adorable.



Today I handed the guy the piece of paper, he was so joyful he burst into tears and he gave me a big hug. Then I thought to myself at least it can’t get worse than this. And of course like it always happens it got worse the teacher asked him if he wanted me to be his pet and he said “Yes’’ . Then it was home time and I got put into a cage and the boy was playing with me on the way home. Then I thought it might not be that bad after all.


Today was a normal day. I was given seed, water and a nice stroke. The boy said, “You don’t know my name yet do you?’’

I shook my head.

“Well,’’ he whispered “My name is Dave,’’ then he finished his breakfast and got changed then he did his teeth and went to school. Mark (his dad) was the only person home looking after me.

Then he phoned up an animal service…


Come back later to find out more..


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