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Yapton CE Primary School


Hi there! We're Ellie and Freya and we're here to tell you all about Narwhales! Whoop whoop!  So, if you don't know what a narwhale is we've got the right blog here for you!


Basically, a narwhale is a whale that swallowed a unicorn, and the unicorn stabbed its horn through the whales head. No, only joking. You believed that did you?! So get your seirious face on now, and heres the true facts!


Narwhales are the unicorns of the sea :3 !  Unusually, narwhales can have two tusks! Its actually an enlargened tooth that is most commonly found on male narwhales! Women narwhales aren't as comenly found whith a tusk. Sorry ladies! The tusk has a sensory capability and up to 10 million nerve endings inside. Isn't that confusing? Did you know,well you proably don't, but  Narwhales horns are swirrled aroud in a cone shape thingy... y'know!


Unlike most whales that migrate Narwhales usually spend their lives in Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia.  Narwhales live in the sea and can not breath on land like most fishes and stuff like that . you know what I mean. Don't ya?



 Thanks guys for tuning in with these RADICAL animals! Read next week to find out more even RADICALLER facts!